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Retiring in Brighton

Brighton: Long Walks along the Coast and Cozy Nights by the Fireplace

By Gonzalo Fernandez Martin - Former Brighton Resident

Retiring in Brighton can be a wonderful place to be if you're looking for elegance and charm. While the city welcomes a great number of students, it is actually much more suitable for those who are able to appreciate its quiet sophistication. Presided by the Royal Pavilion, former royal residence, the city combines a delightful mix between historical and contemporary. 

To get a sense of Brighton, all you need to do visit the British Airways i360, which offers a 450 feet high breath-taking view of the entire city. While your eye sight extends to the imaginable, with an ice-cold glass of champagne on your hand, the 1866’s West Pier of Brighton stands in ruins just by your side.

From Brighton, you can reach some of the most beautiful routes of the United Kingdom. Brighton is only an hour from London by train so trips into the city are easy.

And don’t miss out on the occasion to visit the Devils Dyke, to the North, where you will get to enjoy the cheerful neverending green fields. Additionally, you might also want to visit the Chattri memorial, to engage in a historical and spiritual journey.

You do not have to go far to relax in Brighton, Pavilion Gardens is right in the heart of the city and Hove’s Seafront is perfect for a stunning walk during sunrises and sunsets. It only takes a minute to fall in love with these places and soon, they will become your favorite spots to get away from your everyday routine.

Is Brighton Walkable? Does it Have Good Public Transportation?

For retirees not wanting a car, Brighton is an excellent city when it comes to transportation. The city offers a large number of routes and many options to save money on bus tickets, therefore, you might want to consider buying an annual Saver Fare. Thanks to the mobile app and the time-screens located on every stop, you will always be ready to catch your bus and head over to the other side of the city.

Brighton, by itself, has everything within walking distance. You'll be able to reach your destination while enjoying a fantastic view of the ocean even when simply running errands. Everything you need can be found at The Lanes, a collection of narrow streets filled with boutiques of timeless styles, outstanding fragrance manufacturers, and exquisite hand-crafted French patisseries.

What makes Brighton’s public transport so useful is its connections with nearby cities and villages. All of the buses go through every corner of the city, whether you live in the luxurious district of Hove or in a rustic cottage in Falmer.

Perhaps you might want to spend every Sunday away, visiting the marvelous Southern English villages or visiting the vineyards of the highest quality wine producers of the area. In that case, make sure to take advantage of the Southern & Thameslink train services, which connect Brighton with nearby destinations of interest.

What is the Local Cuisine Like in Brighton?

Brighton is the city of diversity. No matter what your preferences are, Brighton will make sure to welcome you and this applies to food, too. You might want to explore the Brighton Marina, an outdoor shopping zone with a great variety of restaurants that will offer you a delightful opportunity for al fresco dining along with ocean breezes.

Cooking styles from around the world also meet up under Brighton’s indy food & drink scene. Inside, you will get the opportunity to many try different types of cuisine at relatively low prices.

At the end of the night, head out to one of the many classy pubs to have a drink by the waterfront.

How is the Weather in Brighton?

Brighton is one of the most popular summer destinations in the whole country. The best weather lasts from May until the end of August, with a mean temperature of about 65°F and minimal days of rain. 

Retirees sit on colorful seats all around the seafront to catch the vibrant rays of sunshine. This time of the year provides an excellent chance to meet up with the family and friends to go to the Victorian Palace Pier, a picturesque location with fairground attractions and arcade games.

During the rest of the year, Brighton’s temperature is around 41°F-50°F. Despite being a bit cold, everyone gets to enjoy the coziness. You might want to head to Brighton’s center to enjoy a warm cup of hand-crafted coffee to make the most out of a rainy day.

Fun Fact

Renting one of the colorful beach huts by the sea will cost you about $80 per day.

Is Brighton Dog Friendly?

If you are planning to bring your pet, you will find it very accessible. The city offers designated areas and parks for dogs, such as The Level, a wonderful park with open spaces to play catch ball with your best friend. 

Renting a property in Brighton will not be a problem, and while public transport enables you to travel safely with your pet, it is relevant to mention that a minority of shops and restaurants are not open to them.

Becoming a Local

Brighton stands out for being a very safe city, open to people of all sorts, where people get to experience a relaxed and sophisticated lifestyle. It offers a never-ending opportunity to meet people, to join all sorts of cultural, sport, and leisure activities.

In order to make the most out of your new life in Brighton, take some time to bond with the bygone era of the city; whether it is by visiting the Toy and Model Museum, the wide array of art galleries, or the Royal Pavillion’s incorporated museum.

Next up, don’t hesitate to join the local clubs and associations of your interest. Brighton residents will welcome you with open arms, ready to start treating you as one of their own. The list of possibilities is infinite, whether you are a fan of pitch and putt, carpet bowling, or arts.

Fun Fact

There are more pubs in Brighton than there are days in the year. Finding a pub won't be a problem. 🙂 

Brighton, UK Cost of Living Chart

Data from Numbeo



Cost of Living Rank

55th out of 537

1 Bdr Apartment in City

$1235 per month

1 Bdr Apartment Outside City

$1050 per month

Meal for Two, Mid-Range


Bottom Line

Brighton is a city that will open your heart, with hidden surprises, incredible sceneries, and lovely people that will make you want to stay. Before you realize, you will find that you are part of the city ready to enjoy it’s victorian but quirky, rich but humble, lifestyle. Do you consider yourself adventurous? Or perhaps contemporary? Then, Brighton is the perfect place for you to retire.

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Quick Facts about Retiring in Brighton, United Kingdom 






33 ft


Comfortable summers and long, cold winters. Windy and cloudy year-round. Average temps are from 36°F and 68°F

Flight time to U.S.

14 hours by plane to New york


British Pound

Retirement Programs


Retirement Visa

No, discontinued. There are two high dollar investement visas available. Brexit has changed options. 

Public Transportation

Buses and trains

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